Restaurant Materia Prima

Flavors of the surrounding area and a thorough search of raw materials at the short chain of local producers, are the basic ingredients assembled by the skilled and experienced hands of our chef, who will guide you, with passion and long view, through the tastes and typical of the Piceno, not ignoring the proper refinement to satisfy all the needs of the palate, also with the irreplaceable support of the intense local wines genuine, result of the work of the wineries in the area.


Ceremonies, business meetings / workshops / seminars, birthday parties and anniversaries in general,  are housed in the Restaurant room which can be extended up to a capacity of at least 100 indoor seats, expandable in the summer in the outdoor areas of the Club House.

GOLF CLUB I LAURI A.R.L. Società Sportiva Dilettantistica - C.da San Giovanni, 2 - CAP 63062 Montefiore Dell'Aso - AP - P.IVA 02142760442